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Nutirition & Hydration

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As a triathlete, you make great efforts to give your best and to surpass yourself. HIDDIT supports your efforts at the Ocean Lava Win4Youth Triathlon with the best possible nutrition and advice.


Official Sponsor | Nutirition & Hydration

This year once again athletes can count on Hiddit Nutrition to hydrate and fuel them with the best possible triathlon nutrition.
Developed with triathletes in mind, Hiddit will hydrate and fuel them with science-based products to ensure they perform at their absolute best.
On the track, athletes will find Hiddit’s famous Isotonic, designed for long and hot races, with a high sodium content and all essential electrolytes to replace those lost in sweat. This will ensure optimum hydration during intense efforts.
And for an extra energy kick, athletes will find Hiddit’s Energy Gel Cola in their athletes bag, with a boost of caffeine to power them through this amazing event on Lanzarote!
We are happy to support you with our products at this great race and wish you the very best of luck!

Hiddit Triathlon Nutrition

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Interested in trying the products before the race? You can order them at Hiddit and receive a 20% discount with the promotional code below, at the checkout.

E-book Triathlon Hydration

Not sure how to properly fuel your race? No problem: Hiddit offers you free e-books on racing nutrition and hydration here: